A history of products developed by Loren Alan

The OSP (overhead scanning profiler)

At the time 1990 this was the largest surface profiler in the world and paved the way for today's flat screen TV's and displays.

The LANL alexandrite laser system project was developed at Allied Military Laser to perform various weather based analysis. This led to the accurate weather predictions used for today's meteorologists

Inside the LANL system above were 4 solid state alexandrite lasers shown here in an exploded view. These were the heart of the system

Also developed at Allied Military Laser was a portable state of the art alexandrite range finding and target designation system. When the laser was projected onto a target a fighter plane overhead deployed a missile that locked onto the laser

Developed for Dako Corp the Eridan biomedical cancer reagent microscope slide handling and processing system was used to automate the tedious job of processing microscope slides for pathologists


Developed for Sloan/Digital Instruments the D8 profilometer is the highest resolution surface profiler ever designed. Scanning and measuring the surface of a semiconductor wafer at a resolution of 8 angstroms the D8 used a laser glass substrate as the Y drive's translation surface