Camera Duck


Did you know that most cameras start to fail at about 32deg F (as specified in your camera manual's “operating range”)

 Batteries, electrical circuits, mechanism grease, condensation, and rust are some of the camera components and factors that are adversely affected by cold or harsh weather

The Camera Duck includes these benefits:


  • Provides 24 hours of gentle heat with each air activated heat pack
  • Protects your camera from rain, snow, sand, sun, salt spray, etc.
  • Uses up to 4 internal heat packs that may be resealed and used later
  • Uses heat packs that are non toxic, odorless and readily available
  • Uses no batteries or wiring
  • Installs onto your camera and you're ready to shoot in seconds
  • It’s feather light and folds small enough to fit in your pocket or camera case 

Note: A new website for the Camera Duck is under construction but for now on a desktop or laptop PC please visit The Camera Duck website