Prepare Your Information

You have your idea and you have determined you will need some help to get it to market. Before contacting SRD it is a good idea to get a few things in order so it will be clear to us what you want.

  1. Search for your idea on the internet to be sure it isn't already being done or that your version is better than the existing ones.
  2. Write a simple list of specifications for what you imagine will be required e.g. what problem does it solve, how big is it, the weight, the material, etc. You don't have to get into details just ball park specifications are OK so we get an idea of what you want.
  3. Are you prepared to follow through with developing a product? It is a tough road with a lot to do but the rewards can be incredible
  4. Do you have access to computer, email, cellphone, etc. Develolping a product usually requires constant contact between SRD and the client.
  5. When you feel prepared move to step 3 and contact us to get your project moving

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