Additional Services

Besides our major engineering services Science R&D offers a wide range of related services and along with our partners the bottom line is we can take our experience and resources, add it to your product idea or invention, and develop a step by step program to get it to market. The cost is much less than you'd expect because we only use what is necessary for your particular needs, you're not paying for someone else's overhead. You will "own" all the drawings, information, patents, tooling, etc. that are required along the way. You are only charged for the work done and based on a simple contract that we all agree on and you can stop at any time with no penalty. If a project doesn't seem to be sound we will tell you and let you make the decision to stop, continue, or re-group. Below are some of our additional services:


CNC  Lathe

No better way to turn parts, just send us a Solid Works 2013 or earlier CAD model, or IGS and we'll email you a quote.


Expert Welding

I have never seen or worked with a better welder with than Raul Cortina. He is a rare find. To contact him please send us an email from the contact page.


Manual End Mill


Sometimes a good ol' manual (digital with power feed of course) is a better way to go.

 3D Printing by Scott Signore


A revolution in fast prototyping to prove the concept of your design. Typically plastic these parts are often used before injection molding




The modern way to cut parts, just send us a Solid Works 2013 or earlier CAD model, or IGS and we'll email you a quote. Like a call leave a number

Video Production and Photography

We produce short product presentation videos for websites, kickstarter, ads, etc. Also all types of still photography, in studio or on location


Machine Shop

Everything we need to make your parts. Email for information, quotes, and to exchange contact info


Website Design

Organize and design a website, set up hosting, a URL, social media pages, all the things you need to get your business or product online. Also SRD is now an affiliate with Shopify