The Easy Bag System


The Easy Bag System is a 3 phase project to eliminate checkout lines in stores that use shopping carts consisting of:

  • Phase 1 - Tough, lightweight, reusable, and waterproof bags made to fit typical shopping baskets and the Easy Bag System's own shopping carts
  • Phase 2 - A completely redesigned shopping cart that accepts the Easy Bags and is designed to attach the Easy Bag System's on board electronics tablet allowing the user the convenience to checkout on the cart as they shop. When finished you are free to exit the store not having to wait in line
  • Phase 3 - A complete electronic interface attached to the cart that allows for store navigation, barcode scanning, security, and credit card swipe to pay. This eliminates the need wait in a checkout line
  • For a prototype video please click The Easy Bag System
  • For more information call Loren at 805-689-1435 or
  • additional information can be seen here