Why should you attend this webinar?

Developing a product is a lot of work, besides coming up with a great idea you must be very enthused and motivated to continue through the development process. Trying to learn and navigate all of the requirements on your own can take years. This webinar has been put together in a step by step format to guide you through what you will encounter along the way. I always suggest to my clients "to save money do as much of the process as you can yourself". If you are computer savvy you can provide a lot of those requirements, if you know CAD it would help you a lot, if you are a marketer it is a great advantage, etc. There are no shortcuts, every product I have ever developed goes through the same basic steps. The only thing that changes is the complexity of the product. After years of working in various industries and disciplines e.g. design, CAD, machining, prototyping, injection molding, 3D printing, packaging, computer IT, social media, website development, photography, testing, etc. I decided the best way to help others was provide them with what I have learned along my 30 year journey.

The bottom line is your chance of failing or just getting frustrated trying to develop a product on your own is very high. It's like trying to find an unknown destination without a map. This webinar will give you a clear map for how to get to your destination....a successful product

Thanks,  Loren Alan