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Because of ongoing demand Science R&D is offering entrepreneurs, inventors, and individuals interested in learning how to develop their product from concept to market a valuable webinar. This webinar plus Q&A session is free and is guaranteed to save you time and money during your development process. The webinar is designed to supply the attendee with all of the steps and explanations they will encounter as they develop their product. It takes years to accumulate this knowledge

The webinar will be presented by Loren Alan a 25+ year engineer and expert in product development for a variety of companies and later as founder of Science R&D. During the webinar attendees should keep notes for any questions they have and submit them during the Q&A session at the end. Attendees will also be provided Mr. Alan's direct email in case they have further questions after the webinar.

Topics that will be covered include:

  1. The Idea - what to do immediately after coming up with your idea
  2. Research -  How to determine if your idea should continue into development
  3. Contact for Development Help - When and if contact with an engineering service is necessary or should be made. What to be aware of
  4. The Patent -  When to patent, type of patent required, is a patent required, cost, etc.
  5. Specifications - Creating a spec sheet, why a spec sheet is important
  6. Product Design - Taking the initial information and creating a realistic path for the initial prototype
  7. CAD Design - Why CAD (computer aided design) is so vital for any product
  8. Prototyping - Fabricating and assembling the first generation prototype, subsequent prototypes, final prototypes
  9. Testing -  What is required to test the product's prototypes and how to determine if the product is ready for manufacturing
  10. Documentation - What is documentation and why is it essential
  11. Manufacturing - When, where, how to determine the best technique, cost, location, etc.
  12. Website Design - Ecommerce? informational? responsive? Which version is needed, when/where to get a domain, what type, what information should be included the layout, etc.
  13. Packaging - Packaging design, difference in packaging a product for sale in a retail store or through a website. 
  14. Photography/Videography - How, when, why photography and/or videos are required and how to provide them
  15. Marketing: When to start marketing, social media campaigns, crowd funding, contacting marketing companies/experts, do it yourself, advertising, etc.

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